Our excellent service for dealers is what sets us apart.

Design and quote support

  • Our team is ready to advise you and help you design a stunning Carropool. A good design is often the decisive factor in your quote process. If you’d like any additional help with your quote, feel free to let us know.
  • Design and order your pools using our Dealer Portal: the quickest and easiest way to do so if you know exactly what you want. Our Dealer Portal provides extensive details on all our products and services.
  • We’re also always happy to advise as part of your conversations and projects with landscape and house architects. Here at Carropools, we take pleasure in helping you find the best solution.

Professional transport

  • Carropools are always delivered to our customers’ doors using professional road transport. Our pool will arrive safely and on time.
  • Our unique transport system means that we can get very close to the eventual location of the pool.
  • We have a wealth of experience in transporting pools within Europe, and we know how to arrange the most efficient transport.

Carropool installation

  • New dealers always receive a helping hand during their first few installations.
  • Our transport can be ordered with an extra crane (with a reach of up to 17 metres).
  • Our professional transport team can also handle the positioning of our pool on the foundations. Feel free to ask us about the options.

Warranties and service

  • Quality and service are our top priority. Our materials and production methods comply with the ISO and DIN standards.
  • Our thermal welding techniques are secure and subject to quality inspection.
  • Our manufacturer’s warranties are provided as an important basic service. Our panel materials come with a 30-year warranty, and our welding joints come with 10 years.

Our Carropools swimming pool and swimming pond structures are fully customisable and extremely high quality.

As a swimming pool/swimming pond dealer, you’re not only saving a huge amount of time by having Carropools take care of the pool structure and installation of light fittings and inlets. The main thing we offer is a premium-quality and sustainable product that enables you to provide your customers with the best possible solution.

Carropools are made in the best possible conditions, using the latest techniques. As a result, we operate with great accuracy and efficiency.

You can count on us to deliver on time.

The structural features and options of a Carropool mean you can create a premium-quality product with great design flexibility.

Main technical features:

  1. Watertightness warranty (10 years) on all Carropools thermal welding and inlets and 30-year warranty on panel materials.
  2. Near seamless finish thanks to high-quality thermal welding techniques.
  3. Various options for wall and edge reinforcement through the use of plastic and metal profiles.
  4. Extra fittings in our infinity drainage channels ensure better concrete adhesion.
  5. Water cascades into the overflow drainage channel extra quietly.
  6. Invisible and watertight integration of a roller cover (in a recess in this example) with practical solutions for post-installation maintenance and electrical connections.

Products and technical specifi cations to complete and simplify the installation process.

Buffer tank for overflow pools

Carropools can supply multiple types of suitable buffer tanks (with and without a shaft). We can also build in an automatic level control system on request. The buffer tank filter basket developed by Carropools also comes in handy and is frequently added to orders. If you would like a larger bespoke buffer tank, we can make this to measure for you out of PPC.

A high waterline at all times

By positioning the skimmers developed in-house by Carropools in premium-quality PP material (and in the same colour as the pool) high up in the pool, we can guarantee an extra high waterline for underflow pools.
The coping stones can be glued directly to the skimmer.

Extra watertight inlets and PVC pipework

Instead of using packing, all inlets and nozzles are thermally welded to the pool using thread sockets manufactured in house (in premium-quality plastic).

Every pool is nearly always fitted and delivered with PVC pipework all round. That way, dealers can save a lot of time connecting the pool to the plant room.

Extra watertight inlets and PVC pipework

The combination of cup covers developed in-house, attached to the outside of the pool and made out of premium-quality plastic and thermal welding means all built-in Carropools roller covers are extra watertight.

Plastic arc welding in line with certified guidelines

Our PPC panel materials are cut to size with centimetre precision and thermally welded according to the DVS guidelines. As a result, the seams in our Carropools are watertight and as smooth as possible. Carropools is continuously investing in the latest and best technologies to optimise the quality we deliver.

Unique overflow drainage channels offer benefits to both dealers and customers

Thanks to the unique drainage channel construction in a Carropool, the water cascades over the edge extremely quietly.

Dealers who usually build infinity overflows out of concrete (a complex process that takes a large amount of time) stand to save a lot of time by opting for a Carropools infinity overflow pool.

The overflow edge of a Carropools infinity pool is built at the right angle to accommodate overflow tiling.
The outside of a Carropools infinity pool is fitted with a structure that ensures proper concrete adhesion and that allows the concrete lining to be poured as a cohesive whole. Tiling is also easy to glue onto the edge.

Electrical wiring on the pool

Carropools can include up to 30m* of extra electrical wiring with the pool (lighting and roller cover).

Prefab swimming pool systems

Carropools can also pre-assemble the necessary swimming pool systems in consultation with you. We can supply these systems in a single unit on a pallet, or in parts (such as PVC). We can also fit plastic filter casings to our pools if required.

Foundations and side infills

Carropools must be placed on foundations. The sides must be carefully filled in on the outside with sand cement, using stamps and protective boards. These protective boards are made of plastic and can be supplied with the pool.


Order your stones from Carropools too and have them delivered cut to size and at the same time as the pool.

Our stone factory produces various bespoke swimming pool paving stones (natural stone, ceramic, composite). These stones can be used on the coping edge, on the overflow edge or on the floor of the pool. All stones you order will be delivered at the same time as the pool.

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